Smart Traffic Fund


In the 2019 Policy Address Supplement, the Chief Executive announced the setup of the Smart Traffic Fund (“Fund”) to provide funding support to local organisations or enterprises for conducting research and application of innovation and technology with the objectives of enhancing commuting convenience, enhancing efficiency of the road network or road space, and improving driving safety. HK$1 billion have been earmarked for the Fund, which commences operation in 2020-21.


The Fund aims to provide support for enterprises or organizations to conduct research and application on vehicle-related I&T with at least one of the following objectives:

Enhancing convenience of motorist

Enhancing efficiency of the road network or road space

Improving driving safety

The vehicle-related I&T projects to be funded should be in line with the relevant Government’s policies, including the Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong or Smart Mobility Roadmap for Hong Kong for promoting smart mobility in Hong Kong.

Management Committee on Smart Traffic Fund

A Management Committee (“MC”) has been set up to vet and approve applications under the Fund and monitor the implementation of the Fund.


Deputy Commissioner for Transport / Planning and Technical Services, Transport Department
Mr CHOW Hin Poon, Hugh
Mr FONG Po Kiu, Francis
Mr KONG Yat Hung, James
Ir Prof. WONG Sze Chun
Ir SO Hung Tak, Charles
Principal Assistant Secretary (Transport) 2 or representative, Transport and Logistics Bureau
Assistant Commissioner for Innovation and Technology (Funding Schemes) or representative, Innovation and Technology Commission
Assistant Government Chief Information Officer (Industry Development) or representative, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
Assistant Commissioner / Technical Services, Transport Department
Chief Engineer / Smart Mobility, Transport Department


Hong Kong Productivity Council